La Plancha TakeOut Menu


La Plancha is a collection of Dave Synder’s mom’s homemade recipes and a lifetime of delicious memories, brought to the table by the talented Chef Adam and Sous Chef Roman Gonzalez.

All items are available for takeout. Delivery available at dinner only.
Our restaurant continues to implement food service sanitation best practices, including use of PPE, safe food handling and delivery, and facility cleaning.



  • CHIPS & SALSA ROJA $3.50 SM | $7 LG
  • QUESO $7.97 SM | $9.97 LG
  • GUACAMOLE $8.97 SM | $10.97 LG
  • DIP TRIO—Queso, Guacamole, and Salsa $10.97
  • FUNDITO—Seasoned Beef, Shot of Fresno Hot Sauce, Cilantro, and Onion $10.97
  • MEXICAN STREET CORN—Tossed with Cilantro, Onion, Crema, and Cotija Cheese $6.97


  • NACHOS—Queso, Seasoned Beef, Refried Beans, Pico de Gallo, Lettuce, and Crema $9.97
  • Upcharge to Make It Grande $4.00
  • Sub Any Protein $4.00
  • Upcharge for Shrimp or Steak $6.00
  • VEGGY NACHOS—Queso, Black Beans, Roasted Corn Salsa, Lettuce, Crema, and Guacamole $9.97
  • Upcharge to Make It Grande $4.00
  • Add Any Protein $4.00
  • Upcharge for Shrimp or Steak $6.00
  • MEXICAN CHOPPED SALAD—Romaine Lettuce, Black Beans, Roasted Corn, Cucumber, Pico de Gallo, Cotija Cheese, Choice of Lime Vinaigrette or Ranchero Ranch Dressing $8.97
  • Add Any Protein $6.00
  • Upcharge for Shrimp or Steak $8.00


(Minimum 3 Tacos)

Add Street Corn $2

STEAK—Cilantro, Onion, Guajillo Salsa

CHICKEN—Cilantro, Onion, Sweet Anch-Bacon Salsa

GROUND BEEF—Lettuce, Pico, Jack Cheese

SEARED SHRIMP—Masa Fried, Garlic Chimichurri, Aioli, Cilantro, Onion

PORK—Al Pastor with Caramelized Pineapple, Cilantro, Onion

FISH—(Daily Selection) Cabbage, Cilantro, Carrot, Chipotle Aioli

POTATO—Crispy Potato, Crema, Roasted Corn Salsa

Ask your server about daily specials.

BURRITOS – $12.97

(Make It a Bowl – $3)
(Make It a Chimichanga – $2)

Stuffed with Rice, Refried Beans, and Cheese. Side of Lettuce, Pico de Gallo, and Sour Cream.

Steak | Chicken | Shrimp | Beef | Shrimp | Pork | Daily Fish | Potato with Corn Salsa


(Make It Grande $4)

Stuffed with Peppers, Onions, and Jack Cheese. Side of Pico de Gallo and Sour Cream.

Steak | Chicken | Shrimp | Beef | Shrimp | Pork | Daily Fish | Potato with Corn Salsa

FAJITAS – $16.97

(Double Protein $8)

Served with Rice, Lettuce, Pico De Gallo, and Tortillas

Steak | Chicken | Shrimp | Beef | Shrimp | Pork | Daily Fish | Potato with Corn Salsa


Inspired by Dave’s family heritage and his love of Latin food, be prepared for a culinary adventure with every bite.

  • BLACK BEANS $4.97
  • RICE $4.97
  • GUACAMOLE $4.97
  • QUESO $4.97


  • LA PLANCHA 'RITA—Altos Tequila, Lime Juice, Triple Sec, Sugar in the Raw, Simple Syrup—with Salt and Lime *Make it a Skinny with Agave Nectar $6.00
  • SUNSHINE 'RITA—Our La Plancha Rita with a Shot of Patron Citronge, Orange, Salt Rim, and Orange Wedge $9.00
  • SWEET HOT 'RITA—Altos Tequila, Triple Sec, Cucumber Syrup, Sliced Jalapeños, Mint, and Salt Rim $9.00
  • PLANCHA-BERRY 'RITA—Altos Tequila, Lime Juice, Strawberry Puree, Triple Sec, and Sugar Rim $9.00
  • THE SALTY CHIHUAHUA—Altos Tequila, Grapefruit Juice, Agave Nectar, Club Soda, Lime Juice, and Salt Rim $8.00
  • FROZEN LA PLANCHA 'RITA—Salt or Sugar Rim $6.00
  • DIRTY MOJITO—Don Q Rum, Mint, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Club Soda, and Lime Wedge $8.00
  • MICHELADA—Dos Equis Draft, Lime Juice, Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix, Shot of Housemade Hot Sauce, Tajin Rim, and Lime $7.00
  • THE ICEBERG—Dos Equis Draft with a Frozen Margarita Float $7.00
  • Canned Oregon Pinot Noir $9/15
  • Canned Oregon Pinot Gris $9/15
  • Canned Oregon Rose $9/15

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. —Glynn County


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